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  • There’s an awesome story behind every failure.

    *Image: Berengaria Hotel, Cyprus.

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Former executive in renewable energy and enterprise-software businesses with a 2-year military service. Launched a media service in San Francisco, an international non-profit of 120 volunteers and developed a mobile game. Work experience in 5 countries; Silicon Valley liaison of EU’s largest innovation organisation; TechCrunch contributor; Board Member at a multinational company; holder of the US O1 Visa (permit to work in the US, granted for extraordinary abilities), Fellow of a Royal Society; Cambridge and Oxford Universities graduate. Technology and business background.



Other roles



Notable failures:

  • Synups
  • Mindsquared (a social network for students exchanging study notes)



Alma mater:

  • Cambridge University, Master in Technology Policy
  • Oxford University, Advanced Diploma in Data & Systems Analysis
  • King’s College London, BSc in Business (research Heterodox Economics)
  • Swiss Finance Academy – Certificate in Investment Banking & Entrepreneurial Investing
  • London School of Economics – Certificate in International Business Strategy


  • Achieving Sustainability in Agribusiness  – Cambridge University
  • Rethinking Leadership: Restructuring the Economic Deficiencies through Entrepreneurship – St Gallen 41st Symposium
  • The Presence of Path Dependence in Microcomputer Operating Systems – King’s College London


Some shots fired with my Canon in the Mediterranean, UK and US.


Entrepreneurs often focus solely on their product, while ignoring the amount of actual value it could add to the customer and how to deliver it to the market effectively.


Originally published in TechCrunch – Link to the TC article.

It’s not news that the Eurozone is in one of the worst economic and political shapes it has been in thus far. Greece’s future remains uncertain. Italy’s economy has failed to significantly rebound from its recession while other highly indebted European member states — namely, Ireland, Spain and Portugal — previously shared Greece’s concerns and standpoint and form a united front against Germany’s line of policy. In the meantime the euro dropped to a 12-year low this year.

Indeed, some of the European member states may be highly indebted and suffer deeply but it is interesting to see how entrepreneurship has been flourishing in these countries at the same time.


Originally published in – Link to the article.

Written in collaboration with Marios Belibassakis the former Trade & Commercial Counselor at the Greek Consulate in San Francisco.

In her prominent work on entrepreneurial clustering and the growth of Silicon Valley, AnnaLee Saxenian makes a case for the ‘new Argonauts’, i.e. foreign-born entrepreneurs, who similarly to the Argonauts in Greek mythology, ventured across the seas to meet their call.

In this case the new Argonauts did not wander towards Colchis in quest to find the Golden Fleece, but towards Silicon Valley aiming to find new opportunities in a booming tech industry. Even though Saxenian particularly mentions the examples of Indian, Chinese and Israeli communities of entrepreneurs, two more recent examples can be added to this list.


In my perception, life is very comparable to a Polya Urn probability model and for that very reason new year-like resolutions are essential if we truly are to break away from the “ordinary”. Allow me to demonstrate.


The following paper discusses the 2008 “credit crisis” and its mutation into a sovereign debt crisis in the light of both Keynesian and Neoclassical economics.


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