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spaceshaketextYour phone becomes the rocket.


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Attn: This game may really piss you off.

Space Shake is an arcade-style video game available on the iPhone. Guide Sam’s rocket to safety by maneuvering between satellites, solar winds and meteor storms while your flight speed increases exponentially! The gameplay difficulty is set by default to a rocket-hard level. How long can you last in space? 

Sam’s story

Sam is a PhD in Rocket Propulsion and founder of an upcoming rocket startup in Silicon Valley – you know, because why not. Sam is pretty pissed off right now. During the latest testing of his new rocket, Sam found out that he was played by his investors and his stock was diluted to nearly zero. He would soon get ousted from his own company.

I mean, hey, things don’t always work out as planned. Sam gathered all his resources, sold his 1980s video games (worth a gazillion dollars) and began building something new. Sam’s new rocket could thruster and maneuver like no other. He would now take on space travel alone. Sam was probably crazy, but then again all systems are GO!

Poor Sam, dude, little did he know about his upcoming troubles in space. Sam’s rocket encountered a storm of satellites – earlier launched into orbit by the rival space company, Vacuum X. You gotta help Sam overcome these hurdles by avoiding the satellites. Survive the space shake, make it back and help Sam get the best new investors that way!

Power up.


Higher score = A faster game. As you score more points by flying between satellites, the speed of the rocket and satellites increases.

Life Boost

Make contact with the energy stations that show up as batteries. Each battery can give you at least a 20+ points increase in your life!


Meteor showers

Meteor showers can show up at any time and dinosaurs are not the ones at risk this time (except their reputation in the last Jurassic Park movie).

Solar Winds

Solar winds can shut down your engines and destroy your rocket. You have 3 seconds to shake your rocket/device and avoid them.

This guy, in the tacky photo.

Hi, I’m Michael.

Thanks for checking out Space Shake! (you are probably wondering if the exclamation mark is there because of the game title or uncontrolled excitement – you have to figure it out) Feel free to drop me a message or tweet (@MichaelTyrimos) with comments on the things you liked or didn’t like, suggestions and ideas, or even random things and bad jokes. I’ll check it out.

Beam me up, Scotty.

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